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Sep 24 at 3:16 comment added Gunther Schadow I love seeing how my question keeps getting upvoted despite all the attacks by the closers. :D :D
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Jun 17 '20 at 12:50 comment added davidbak Just wanted to give a shoutout to the vector graphics computer Imlac PDS-1 for which you can find manuals and schematics here at bitsavers and a couple of answers related to it here.
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May 9 '20 at 21:13 comment added besmirched Re, "...one can say that every stroke has its own intensity..." ISTR, one of the challenges of building a vector graphics display was to get all the strokes (short and long) to appear with approximately the same intensity. You either had to take more time to draw the long ones (tricky!) or you had to turn down the beam intensity for drawing the short ones.
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May 9 '20 at 19:45 comment added Alan B I miss real vector displays. There was nothing like the searing brightness of games on new vector displays.
May 9 '20 at 18:57 comment added fadden Jed Margolin's articles about the Atari X-Y monitors are worth a read: jmargolin.com/xy/xymons.htm and jmargolin.com/vgens/vgmenu.htm .
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