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Nov 1 at 22:58 comment added Jim Nelson Ah-ha! Perhaps that's what I was remembering.
Nov 1 at 19:57 comment added davidg @JimNelson By default EXIT will return you to DOS but there is a REMOVE DOS command that kicks DOS out of memory (meaning NetWare looses access to C drive and any DOS disk drivers for CD-ROMs, etc) and gives that memory to netware. If you've run REMOVE DOS then EXIT will reboot the system as there is no DOS resident in memory to exit back to.
Aug 28 at 21:12 comment added Jim Nelson @StephenKitt I didn't think so, but when I Googled for NetWare DOWN EXIT I found it described on the OS/2 Museum. He knows better than me, so apparently that is the case! os2museum.com/wp/netware-2-x-notes Shame on me, I wrote NetWare drivers for three years, you would think I'd recall that...
Aug 28 at 20:47 comment added Stephen Kitt @JimNelson I seem to remember it being possible to down a NetWare 3 or 4 server and exit back to DOS (DOWN and EXIT). Is that incorrect?
Aug 27 at 22:15 comment added Melllvar Alt+F4 was never a shortcut in DOS - it first arrived in Windows (at least since 3.1)
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Aug 27 at 13:29 comment added Taejang This is also how console gaming platforms worked for a long time. Insert game, start console, then turn the console off or reset it with a different game inside.
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Aug 27 at 7:36 comment added OmarL This is not specific to MS-DOS either; Commodore 64 games and ZX Spectrum are also like that. Just take control over the whole machine, and you can forget the operating system even exists.
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Aug 27 at 3:54 comment added phuclv @ecm Windows nowadays still does that. You can rename any EXE files to COM and it'll still work, or save any random text files beginning with MZ then run from cmd and it'll show some invalid format error
Aug 27 at 3:37 comment added Mazura Alt-X and Ctrl-Q.
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Aug 26 at 18:39 comment added ecm "But Paratrooper does not. And it's not the only one. It's also not even an EXE, but a COM. Is this somehow related to its inability to exit?" No, it isn't. Besides you should really look at the file magic to determine whether it is an MZ executable or a flat .COM-style executable. That's what DOS does. It allows either filename extension for either type of executable. Only the presence of either an "MZ" or "ZM" signature (both work) indicates a non-flat executable.
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Aug 26 at 18:23 comment added Jim Nelson It should be mentioned that in that time period, rebooting and power-cycling a microcomputer throughout the day was expected. Many of the machines had a prominent RESET button on their keyboard for that very reason.
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