David, the main character of the 1983 movie WarGames, uses an IMSAI 8080 computer.

IMSAI computer in WarGames

The plot of the movie is driven by David's desire to find games to play on his computer. He war-dials phone numbers to find a gaming company, and inadvertently connects to a computer at NORAD instead.

By 1983, were there actually any games which could be played on the IMSAI 8080?

(Although David uses the system as a dumb terminal in the movie, I am looking for games that could run directly on the IMSAI.)

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    It was interesting how the screenwriter used a fairly obsolete computer to create the impression that David was far more competent a hacker than the typical high school computer geek. – Brian H Apr 28 at 16:40
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    @Brian Although obsolete by 1983, the first script for the film was written as early as 1979, when it would have been much more plausible for a hacker to be using an IMSAI. Mainly though, Hollywood loves blinkenlights and it's got an impressive set for a home micro. – Matthew Barber Apr 28 at 22:47

An IMSAI 8080 is fully compatible to an Altair 8800, and you can do quite a bit on a fully loaded Altair 8800 with keyboard, text video terminal and disk drive (which can run CP/M), e.g.

You could play hundreds of games, including Colossal Cave Adventure, Star Trek, and Zork (I, II, and III!) You could use it for spreadsheets with Supercalc, databases with dBASE, and word processing with the market leader WordStar.

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    For fans of the movie, there were also many excellent chess games. – Matthew Barber Apr 28 at 22:49

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