I'm trying to track down a copy of PCW from November 1978. I am looking for an article on benchmarking BASIC. They introduced an 8th program to the 7-program Rugg/Feldman test and I'd like to read the article. Does anyone have a copy? I cannot find it online.

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    Don't know if it will help, but the Centre for Computing History (Cambridge, UK) has a Cover/Summary page for that issue. – TripeHound Jun 3 at 8:28
  • What was helpful in confirming the article did indeed exist, thanks! – Maury Markowitz Jun 3 at 10:04
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    Here's yet another useful summary page for PCW... – Uli Jun 4 at 9:51
  • @Uli Added that to my answer, if that's OK. – TripeHound Jun 4 at 12:53

No online resource found, but to record for posterity, here are some relevant links:

  • The Centre for Computing History (Cambridge, UK) has a list of covers and brief summaries of contents. As you note in a comment, the Entry for November 1978 confirms that the article you are interested is in that edition.

  • A blog entry on the PCW Preservation Project here is an attempt to kick-start creating such an online repository. Although it does not seem to have got anywhere, there are comments from 2018/19; at least one from someone who has the relevant physical copy. It's conceivable that you may be able to get in touch with someone who could photocopy the article in question.

    A side-entry notes that someone is/was (in 2010) selling a CD of issues June 1995 - March 1997, though neither the writer (nor I) is certain what it contains/contained.

  • The National Museum of Computing (Bletchley Park, UK) has a News Release in which it announces (emphasis mine):

    The archive at TNMOC is available to bona fide researchers. It is growing rapidly already contains the entire 45 year print history (1966-2011) of Computer Weekly, the world's first weekly computer publication, 26 years of Personal Computer World, and many other magazines, the complete ICL manufacturing archive, the entire Digital Equipment Corporation microfiche and much more.

    I have no idea of the feasibility, but again it is conceivable that they may be able to photocopy the relevant article.

  • Brian N Butterworth has compiled The PCW Index covering the magazine from its inception in 1978 until 1989. It contains:

    'benchtests' (machine reviews), 'software' (software and 'firmware' reviews), 'checkouts'(reviews of peripherals such as add-in cards and printers). sections also cover 'features' (articles from programming to politics), 'screenplay' (computer games) and 'book reviews'. there are also sections covering the deceased 'tjs workshop' and 'computer answers'. finally, there are sections on 'subset' and 'programs'.

    but virtually no capital letters. [Credit to Uli for finding this resource].

  • Excellent work! I have contacted TNMOC and one of the users on the (dead?) Preservation Project. Fingers crossed! – Maury Markowitz Jun 4 at 15:22
  • Both sources got back to me with PDFs of the document. It turned out to be the second article on the topic, and one of the sources had the original article as well. I have since updated the Wiki entry and continue to do so... – Maury Markowitz Jun 5 at 13:13

There is no definitive archive for Personal Computer World, despite several community attempts to start one. The last article I tried to link here was virus-ridden (according to some readers; was fine for me, though) so I won't try again.

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