The game I'm trying to identify is a side-scrolling platformer where the protagonist is a man wielding a six-shooter revolver. I think I played a demo or shareware version as it only contained one level (or even portion of it). The level was a castle interior, and you had to shoot some sort of demons - chorts perhaps, at least they looked similar. I'm pretty sure they were gray, had pig noses, and wielded polearms.

Like I said, it was probably a demo or shareware, and after you did some progress a full-screen picture with some text appeared and you couldn't play anymore. I think the text was in German. There was a demon - or perhaps minotaur? - and a damsel in distress.

Some other facts I remember:

  • I played it under Windows.
  • I think there was no title screen / menu. You launched the .exe and immediately started to play.
  • Also I wasn't able to find an obvious way to exit the game. After the full-screen message I just killed the process.
  • Ammo was limited. I think the GUI contained a revolver cylinder showing how much bullets you have left.
  • I think I played it around '95-98.

It was long time ago, so some of these details may be distored or plain false memories.

Does any of it rings a bell?

Thanks a lot!

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