A Sony Clié (PEG-NX70V) has come into my possession. It runs Palm OS 5.0, and has both a MemoryStick slot and a CompactFlash slot. The latter is only designed for use with a WiFi card, as Sony expected people would use their proprietary MemorySticks for data storage instead.

A third party, EruWare, wrote a driver that added support for CF cards for the PEG-NX70V (and other models) in 2003. This company seemed to fragment in two later that year (according to this blog post), resulting in two companies which each sold a CF driver for the Clié range: Athena's CF Enabler and PDAscent's CF Magic. Both these websites have long since disappeared from the internet, leaving only a skeletal presence on archive.org as testament that they once existed.

There was also a free driver written by "Pelaca", which patched the relevant OS files to use the Cf slot. These were hosted at snow.prohosting.com/~cfutil/ (later snow.prohosting.com/cfutil/) which again only exist at archive.org now. Sadly, while some binary files were archived, the relevant one (CFUtility) wasn't.

(There's also a patching utility by "Mini" that was archived, but it is only designed for the NX80, so is of no use to me.)

Is there a copy of any of these drivers still in existence? Or is there an alternative driver that may work for my NX70?


Archive.org has a copy of Clié files that Rich Legg mirrored on his website. These include a file by the name of CFUtilityPelaca0603.zip, which appears to be a June 2003 version of Pelaca's CFUtility (1.0.3). There are also a number of other Clié-related files there.

CFUtility is provided as a .exe file, and requires Palm Desktop to be installed on the system. It uses Palm Desktop's HotSync function to install itself to the Clié device. I found that installation worked fine using Palm Desktop 6.2 on Windows XP (32-bit).

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