Generic beige-box PC clones like the ones pictured here often had an indent for the manufacturer's badge to be stuck on. Were these all a standard size, and if so, what were the dimensions?

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    It was very important that they be 100% "PC compatible."
    – Brian H
    Jun 29 '19 at 19:15

One inch square, I think (at least, the insets on my old, beige, midi-tower cases are).

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    Thanks! Looks like they're currently made as 25 × 25 mm with a 2 mm corner radius. I was blanking on what these were called, and it seems the term is Case Badge
    – scruss
    Jun 28 '19 at 23:03

Measurements of my IBM Model 5150 indicate the badge itself is 1 in. square, equivalent to 25 mm. But there is an additional approximately 1/32 in. added for the indent area, thus allowing the badge to completely reside within the indent.

For "clones", I suppose the ones deemed "100% PC Compatible" would need to match this size, precisely. enter image description here


As can be seen on this picture of a Selectric typewriter the badge there is very similar.

My guess would be that it was as simple as "We need a place for the IBM badge".

enter image description here

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