I am using SheepShaver to emulate OS9 and I have got everything else working, except that when I run it it gives me the cdenable.sys is missing error. I have cdenable.sys in Windows/System32/drivers, and it doesn't work.

I am on Windows 10 64-bit


Are you using Basilisk II? If so, it should be included in SheepShaver.

Download cdenable.sys from one of the SheepShaver links here. Then copy the file from the CD-ROM Drivers directory to ..WINDOWS\system32\drivers.


Actually, from that article it looks like this driver is only supported on 32-bit versions of Windows.

On 64-bit versions of Windows, put the driver in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers directory.

  • I'm using SheepShaver to use OS9 and I have cdenable.sys in that directory. – Jordan M. Baron Jul 25 '16 at 22:11
  • 1
    @JordanM.Baron try the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers directory instead. – JAL Jul 25 '16 at 22:12

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