I have an old programmable Sharp calculator (Sharp EL-9000 SUPER SCIENTIFIC) which I used extensively back in the day. I would like to dump all the software I wrote, and be able to share it.

Sharp EL-9000

I vaguely remember its manual mentioning the existence of a serial cable, but I long lost the book.

Is there an existing toolkit to do back up the software? Is there some specific format or site where I can upload my code to share it, or should I just use GitHub?


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You need the Sharp CE-139T serial cable (included in the Sharp CE-490W and CE-491W packages) or equivalent. But this cable is hard to find.

A similar cable is the CE-136T (included in the CE-390 package) which is not quite so hard to find but it only works in DOS because it requires exact timing. Maybe you can rig something up with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino to transfer the data to Windows.

Or get the Sharp CE-50P printer & cassette port and print out your programs, then scan them in; or attach a digital recorder to the cassette interface and save your programs to uncompressed .wav. This assumes the EL-9000 can export programs through the serial port. I couldn't find the manual online. Maybe you could scan it in and post it to Archive.org?

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