I'm looking for a game I played in the early 90's on a Tandy computer. Here are the facts I remember by decreasing order of certainty :

  • The beginning of the game is the hero arriving in an hang glider
  • The game is viewed from the side
  • It was played on a Tandy, most likely before year 1990
  • The character is some kind of Ninja infiltrating a base, the game is a mix between adventure and action
  • The character can throw ninja stars
  • The game has very few colors (Red and green come to mind, I doubt there were more than 4 colors, maybe 8)
  • There is some interaction with the environment : some objects can be picked up, and some tv screens can be interacted ?

Despite having basically played only this game in my childhood, I was unable to find it back in all the anthologies I could stumble upon online.

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This sounds a lot like Saboteur II. It starts with the character riding a glider, has probably CGA graphics (I had only Hercules adapter, but probably used emucga with this), and seems to be released 1987. I remember it being fairly difficult to play, so never got too far in this game. Maybe because of the graphics emulation too.


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