Saving the screen on a Spectrum will typically get part of it obscured with the message “Start tape, then press any key.”: Screen with annoying tape prompt How might one save the screen image from Sinclair BASIC without it being corrupted in this way?

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One simple answer is to copy the screen to a buffer elsewhere in memory and save it from there.

10 CLEAR 58455
... generate the screen image here ...
900 FOR n=0 TO 6911
910 POKE 58456+n, PEEK (16384+n)
920 NEXT n
930 SAVE "image" CODE 58456,6912

It's also possible to disable the prompt immediately before the SAVE, by changing the input / output functions for the "K" device:

900 POKE 23734,111: REM suppress prompt
910 POKE 23736,20: REM don't wait for keypress
920 SAVE "image" SCREEN$
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    Yup, the (slow) BASIC loop works, as also found in an old Sinclair User Helpline. Couldn't get the prompt suppression to work, though maybe I made a typo.
    – scruss
    Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 21:21

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