The number of malware that can infect Mac computers has increased significantly last decade (2010-2019), particularly scams (including tech support scams) and fake anti-malware apps. since when malware for Mac computers did exist?

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The first viruses for Mac were targeting Hypercard. The first Hypercard virus appeared in about 1991. Hypercard has a scripting language called HyperTalk, which was powerful enough to perform file-system accesses, thus allowing Hypercard viruses to discover and spread to other stacks (HyperCard "documents").

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    Raffzahn answer links to an Hypercard virus from 1988. Do you have a reference for 1991 being the first one? – Cœur Feb 22 at 12:24
  • Raffzahn is correct. I forgot about Dukakis. Three Tunes was 1991. – peter ferrie Feb 29 at 1:00

The very first virus might have been

Although technically not one, nVir worked much like a boot sector virus. Its source code did circulate on BBSes very soon after, leading to short flooding of copies. Still the damage was rather small. Not much later

made its debut. It was based on HyperCard and became much more visible than nVir - after all, HyperCard was kind of a hype at the time.

During the mid 1990s a series of Word- and Excel-Macro virii did plague the Mac community.

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    I was involved in Mac support from about that time and nVir is the first one I remember encountering. – Francis Davey Feb 22 at 16:16
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    "Virii" is a plural for "virius" (if there were such a noun). Plural for "virus" in English is "viruses", see this thread. – Ruslan Feb 23 at 9:35
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    @Ruslan Viri is the plural for vir, that's close ;P – Please stop being evil Feb 24 at 1:04
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    It took years of therapy to be able to forget about the Office Macro virii. Years. 😼 – IconDaemon Feb 24 at 1:53

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