So, does anybody have a list of TOPS-10 versions? I haven't been able to find any information aside from versions 7.03, and 7.04. are these lost to time?

To clarify, I'm not asking for the software, just a list of versions, maybe an old catalog or something.

Anybody got info? I apologize if this is the wrong type of question.

EDIT: thank you for the responses, I haven't found a single list with all of them, but I've found a lot of bits an pieces. Now that I've got the proper terminology for previous versions, I can search a lot easier. Mostly it's just stuff on bitsavers mirrors


Phil Budne’s list of TOPS-10 versions is the most comprehensive list I’m aware of, from TOPS-10 5.01 in 1970 (the first release with the “TOPS-10” name) to 7.0 releases with uncertain version numbers in 1990. Before 5.01 it was called the “Monitor” (PDP-6 Monitor on the PDP-6, then PDP-10 Monitor on the PDP-10), and some of those releases are included in Phil’s list too.

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    Oooohhhh, so the earlier versions weren't called TOPS-10? Any idea what they were called – Shadow Feb 28 at 22:27
  • TOPS-10 was simply called the PDP-6 / PDP-10 Monitor or Timesharing Monitor before being rebranded. – RETRAC Feb 28 at 22:29
  • Ok, that will help searching. Thanks – Shadow Feb 28 at 22:52
  • I came in at 5.07 on a KI when my university acquired a -10 for undergraduate use, and it was definitely TOPS-10 (and DECsystem-10) then. – another-dave Feb 29 at 0:33
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    This list is less complete, but it's interesting because these are versions actually preserved. sky-visions.com/dec/tops10.shtml – Lars Brinkhoff Feb 29 at 13:22

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