The number of Spectrum emulators has been growing for decades now so there's quite a lot for different platforms and written in different languages.

I'm interesting in learning about two of the disk operating systems:

  • TR-DOS, originally for the Beta Disk interface on original 48K and 128K Speccies, and later widely cloned on the Russian Pentagons and Scorpions
  • +3DOS, used on the only Spectrum model that came with a disk drive: the Spectrum +3

I'm looking for an open source Spectrum emulator that supports both. I'm currently using Spectaculator on Windows, but it does not come with source.

I would prefer C or C++ running on Windows, Javascript running on the web or Electron. I could also make use of one for Linux or Mac if need be.

I don't care too much about any other features or even about performance. I'm mainly interested in the programming and the file formats.

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Fuse, which is mainly for Unix also builds and runs on Windows.

It supports more machines than Spectaculator, including the +3, the Scorpion, and the Pentagon.

So it supports both +3DOS and TR-DOS and the usual image formats for both.

It is open source and is written in C.

It includes the Spectrum +3 ROM but does not include the Scorpion or Pentagon ROMs, which would be needed for TR-DOS.

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    ZesarUX supports that, and some machines Fuse doesn't. May 4, 2020 at 2:02

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