I have a backup of a keymapping/macro configuration from an old Avant Stellar keyboard that was used with some legacy accounting software. The backup is a small .KBD file that I believe contains some macros that were programmed into the keyboard. I'd like to decode these macros, to understand how the original owner used the accounting software more effectively.

I have tried loading the .KBD file in the original manufacturer's software that I found on the web, but it doesn't seem to fully load the file without a physical keyboard present.

Does anyone know of any documentation of the file format of this keymapping backup? Or perhaps some old source code for the original software or tools for dealing with such files?

Here is a partial binary dump of the file:

enter image description here

It's somewhat clear that the beginning of the file (up to about 0x200) consists of the keymapping, and that's followed by the macro definitions, but it's not clear how the macros are formatted.

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