I purchased a vintage Apple IIc computer and I want to make sure there are no failing components. I booted up the computer while pressing both Apple keys (open and close) at the same time. The computer went into the self-test mode:

enter image description here

However, this test has been running for more than 2 hours now. It has been decades since I have used one of these machines, so I am not sure if this is to be expected, or if the long run time is an indication of some issue.

Does anyone know how long this test should run?

Also, do I need to have a blank floppy disk in the internal drive in order for it to test the drive as well?

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Not all IIc models do have the self test ROM. But if they do, it for sure doesn't run for hours. The most reliable way to invoke it is from reset.

  1. Power on
  2. Hold down Open-Apple+CTRL and then press RESET
  3. Release
  4. Wait for a ] to show up as BASIC prompt
  5. Hold down Open-Apple+Closed-Apple+CTRL and then press RESET
  6. Release the RESET key
  7. Release the rest
  8. Now self-test should kick in
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    I concur, it doesn't run for hours. My memory is a little vague, but pretty sure it only ran in the order of minutes (certainly less than a half hour). – Monomeeth May 23 at 3:32

34 seconds or forever, depending on the ROM version. (Find your version here.)

You can start the self-test at any time with: Ctrl+Open Apple+Closed Apple+Reset

The ROM 255 self-test doesn't work, and will hang on a screen of "garbage". Here is one of the various results I got using the MAME emulator. It looks similar to your screen:

Apple IIc screen of "garbage"

For the other ROM versions the self-tests complete in around 34 seconds and show "System OK" if there's no problem, or diagnostic information otherwise. I tested them all with MAME:

| Machine           | ?PEEK(64447) | Self Test | Time | OK Result |
| Apple //c ROM 255 | 255          | No        | N/A  | N/A       |
| Apple //c ROM 0   | 0            | Yes       | 34s  | System OK |
| Apple //c ROM 3   | 3            | Yes       | 34s  | System OK |
| Apple //c ROM 4   | 4            | Yes       | 34s  | System OK |
| Apple //c Plus    | 5            | Yes       | 34s  | System OK |

The self-test doesn't test any disk drive functionality.

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