The 6502 was released in 1975 with an advertised speed of about 1mhz but I can't find reliable information on what year faster versions became available (was 2mhz possible at launch?) or what the true top speed was. The sources I can find tend to simply list a top speed of either 3mhz or 4mhz and I'm not sure if some of them are conflating the 6502 with the later CMOS based 65c02 (circa 1983).

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The MOS MCS6500 microprocessor family datasheet from May, 1976 indicates that:

"All versions of the microprocessor are available in 1 MHz and 2 MHz maximum operating frequencies."

The document is archived here: http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/mos_6500_mpu_preliminary_may_1976.pdf

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