Is it possible to load CDTV.DEVICE and CDFileSystem extracted from CDTV extended rom on Workbench Startup, or manipulate amiCD drivers to load CDTV.DEVICE instead?

My setup is CDTV, KS3.1, TF536 50mhz, MMU, 64MB RAM, SD2IDE, ClassicWB ADVSP. This all works okay and stable with disabled extended rom, but I would love to have native/emulated access to built in CDROM.

When I set CD0 device to cdtv.device and set bufmemtype between 2 and 5 after enqbling extended rom I had the error, not sure what is it referring to, bit I guess this is to do with CD ROM DMA?

Settings: CD options

Error when extended rom is enabled error

  • I tried to start a 3.1 (A600) + extended CDTV rom from WinUAE and it just reboots and reboots... I could boot from a floppy in 1.3 and have access to CD0: though – Jean-François Fabre Aug 22 at 7:24
  • is your question about: can I access the CDTV cd-rom without the extended rom? – Jean-François Fabre Aug 22 at 7:25
  • CDTV uses extended rom, and this is where CDROM driver sits. Since I switched KS to 3.1 it doesn't pull driver anymore from rom, but once booted to WB3.1 can you just map it and use it? – Bartek Malysz Aug 22 at 16:22
  • from this page gregdonner.org/workbench/wb_cdtv.html Amiga of Minnesota Interest Groups Alliance (A.M.I.G.A.) has obtained non-exclusive licensing to provide the hardware to upgrade the CDTV to OS 3.1. This involves changing two PROMs in the CDTV, and installing the 3.1 OS ROM at the same time. The machine will then boot to 3.1 from floppy with the CD drive active. It can also boot to 3.1 from the CD drive, but will reboot when the "eject" button is pressed. – Jean-François Fabre Aug 22 at 17:24
  • 1
    I think you could extract cdtv.device from extended rom (using romsplit) then use it as a device driver for your CD-ROM – Jean-François Fabre Aug 22 at 19:11

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