I have still a couple of old C64/Amiga joysticks and I'd like to use them on the New C64, which has USB ports.

Is there an adapter from 9-pin male to USB?

This 3-year old article references a company called Despegatop making such adapters, but it looks like they've stopped since.

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I don't know how the New C64 implements USB HID, so I can't guarantee compatibility, but here are the options I'm aware of:

  • Stepstick.pl appears to still be selling C64-to-USB adapters if you want something pre-assembled. (They sell two products, but I couldn't figure out how to set the "English, please" cookie without linking to a specific product)
  • Commodore4ever is also selling an adapter that they also offer via an eBay listing as I'm writing this.

If you need something that appears as a USB keyboard and you're handy with microcontrollers, here are some options:

I'm not sure what kind of HID device it presents as, but Markus Gritsch also did a design using a PIC microcontroller.

  • I've bought the adapter from Stepstick.pl, seems to work well.
    – dr_
    Commented Oct 24, 2023 at 13:55

There are a few options still readily available; one is the 2600-daptor, which supports many 9-pin devices (not just 2600 joysticks and paddles). Another, more expensive, one is the Bliss Box which supports many different controllers and connectors (with adapter cables).

You can also build your own, using for example the Stelladaptor schematics and BOM.

All these devices are USB HID controllers, and are thus compatible with most USB-equipped systems.

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