I wonder if anyone has documentation left on this topic. In the early 80's, I used to be a 3270 terminal operator, and I wrote programs with GIS. I remember that this language was rather mighty but had a steep learning curve. One could write a program (which, of course, was run as a "job"), selecting from several tables, like a relational database. But it was no SQL dialect. Has anyone the "programmer's manual", or a link? I searched the Internet Archive, the IBM website and so on, but no results. best greetings, Andreas


All I could find on IBM's website was the following quote:

One of the earliest systems designed to provide structure and random access to data was the Generalized Information System (GIS), which was developed at TRW by Dick Pick and Don Nelson. Pick further developed this system into a multidimensional DBMS known as the Pick System, which was also an operating system (OS)

There is quite a lot of information about the Pick System still online, though, e.g.


This had a language known as AQL, see Page 91 onwards.

This was possibly the same language used by GIS?

  • Wonder if this mindset influenced the AS/400 where you can work with database tables with record operations, as well as with SQL. Sep 15 '20 at 14:02

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