I have an old Macintosh IIci that worked until a few weeks ago but now doesn't turn on anymore.

When I press the power button on the keyboard all the lights on the keyboard and the one on the main case flash but nothing else happens. When I keep the button held the fan turns on at some point and the lights flash repeatedly.

I have taken out the power supply but all the caps seem fine. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated!


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I know from experience that the Caps on the Mainboard itself nowadays are mostly bad, leaky and thus need replacement before the electrolyte causes additional damage to the board. The same applies to the Cache Card (if installed). Doing this will most likely bring the machine back to life.

The IIcx, IIci and Q700 share the same PSU, at least from the pinout. From multiple machines I've had, the PSU was never the fault. However, I suggest to disassemble the PSU also and look for about-to-break solder spots, to be on the safe side. Weak points usually are big and/or heavy things (main caps, switching transistor, probably more), as well as components becoming considerably warm when used. Usually visible through a brownish tint around the components.

This description is from my memory. The last IIci recap I did is around 10 years ago, so I can't recall much detail.

  • I'll recap the mainboard and post if it helped but it might take a while.
    – Sarien
    Dec 1, 2020 at 22:33

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