I finally managed to get basic networking stuff working on VICE, thanks to another thread on Retrocomputing. I'm now wondering how to setup a Codenet server emulation.

I was able to identify four Codenet implementations.

  1. The original firmware of RR-Net MK3,
  2. the alternative firmware for RR-Net MK3,
  3. the FinalReplay image for the Retro Replay and
  4. the Turbo Action image for the Retro Replay.

I'm unable to locate an image of the original firmware. I guess it is only shipped with the hardware.

The alternative firmware is available online. The archive contains a disk image with a tool used for flashing the hardware. I believe I could setup the VICE RR-Net Mk3 emulation to extract the image from the flash utility and then use the VICE cartconv utility to convert the image into a cart. However, I did not yet go through the trouble of doing all that. Perhaps that is worth trying.

Setting up Final Replay seemed a bit easier. I first configured IP addresses with the included setip.exe. I then converted the raw image to a crt image with cartconv -t rr -i tfr08.bin -o tfr08.crt. After performing a smart attach in VICE the Final Replay banner was displayed. The included INFO command displayed the configuration correctly. I then run the CODENET command to start the server and got a blinking text READY.. I wonder if this the intended behavior when the server is waiting for instructions. However, I was unable to get a response from the server by sending hand crafted Codenet instructions.

I'm able to start Turbo Action by using cartconv to convert the raw image in similar manner to Final Replay. I then press F7 to get into the command prompt. At this point I can run command HELP to list Turbo Action commands. The networking and Codenet related commands CONF and CODENET are listed but but VICE crashes with Main CPU: Jam if I try to execute either one of them.

  • So... what's the question you're asking us to answer?
    – ssokolow
    Commented Feb 7, 2021 at 14:43
  • How to get any Codenet server to work on any C64 emulator
    – cyberixae
    Commented Feb 7, 2021 at 16:22
  • I'm no expert on judging these things, but that sounds like it might be too broad a question for the StackExchange Q&A format. Answers aren't supposed to be the kind of full-blown tutorials you'd make a blog post about.
    – ssokolow
    Commented Feb 7, 2021 at 17:06


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