What de-compilers were available for ResEdit? A friend used a de-compiler to break the copy protection on F/A-18 Hornet and I remember having one to examine how programs worked. To clarify by de-compiler, I mean for 68k/PPC CODE disassembly not just resources in general.

  • What is a ‘decompiler for ResEdit’? A decompiler capable of analysing exactly that one program? Jun 16 at 8:44

You might be thinking of Resorcerer (apparently still available for purchase), which was like a beefed up version of ResEdit and included CODE disassembly functionality.

Macintosh Garden has some screenshots of the older version.

Apple also had a CODE editor for ResEdit which was sometimes distributed as "Super ResEdit"

  • I own a copy of Resorcerer, though it's PPC only so I have to use it in emulation. It does have a CODE disassembly function. Jun 16 at 17:06
  • Resourcer had excellent AppleScript integration. At one job I produced a script that looked for strings in a sample file, matched them against a column in Excel (which also had pretty good AS support), replaced them with the string in the next column, presto, instant localization. Jun 16 at 18:43

The MPW toolchain for Classic Mac OS which was available for free at ftp.apple.com comes with the DeRez tool that can decompile resource forks: http://mirror.informatimago.com/next/developer.apple.com/tools/mpw-tools/commandref/derez.html

The internet archive has a backup of the ftp site for historical purposes, but I can't confirm the url as archive.org is itself down for maintainance right now.

  • MPW also has a DumpCode command which will disassemble CODE resources. Jun 16 at 17:17

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