After successfully installing Windows "3.10" in DOSBox-X, and finally getting the sound to work, I was confused to say the least to see that only these sound files exist on my installation:


I wanted to hear the classic Tada.wav startup sound, as well as "The Shutdown Sound": Xylophon.wav. They can be heard here: https://www.winhistory.de/more/winstart/winstart_en.htm

I did not select some sort of "minimal" installation or anything of the sort.

This is really messing with my head and memories. Were these sounds not included in all language-versions of Windows 3.1x or something?

"winver" says "Windows 3.10", but the archive file says "Microsoft Windows 3.11 [Swedish].7z". The archive file doesn't include "virtual floppies", but instead just a bunch of files. I looked for countless hours but could not find a better or different copy of Windows 3.1x in Swedish anywhere online.

I can't remember whether I had 3.1, "3.10" (if that's different) or 3.11 back in the day. I don't think it was a "For Workgroups" edition. I vividly remember hearing the "Tada!" sound on a Windows 3.1x PC in the mid-1990s, although perhaps not at home. (I didn't have a sound card for the longest time, so I never noticed at home.)

I've looked for any information on this online, but from what I can tell, the actual floppies are supposed to include Tada.wav etc. Could it be that somebody manually deleted that file before making that archive? Or perhaps selected a "minimal" installation when they installed it originally and that sound was excluded as a result?

Of course, I could copy a Tada.wav into my installation, but this makes me wonder what else might be missing, and why it's missing in the first place.


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TADA.WAV shipped with Windows 3.10 (not for Workgroups); you can see it for example in the list of files shipped on the disks, shown on PCjs’s catalog.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11, which I suspect is what you have, only shipped CHIMES.WAV, DING.WAV, RINGIN.WAV and RINGOUT.WAV (as far as I can determine). WINVER.EXE in that version of Windows identifies itself as Windows 3.10; to distinguish between the various versions you can look at the strings in SYSTEM/KRNL386.EXE.

Regarding your question about versions of Windows, there were the following versions of Windows 3.1x:

  • Windows 3.10;
  • Windows 3.10 for Workgroups, the first Workgroups release;
  • Windows 3.11, which was a downloadable upgrade for Windows 3.10 (WW0981.EXE from the Microsoft Software Library);
  • Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, which had a significant number of non-networking-related improvements (32-bit file access for example).

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