The APL community is contemplating the adoption of a common logo but some are worried about trouble from Apple lawyers. Now, IBM and others have been using apple motifs in promoting APL for a long time, but how long exactly? Maybe it can be shown to predate the lawsuit-happy Apple Computer Company?

When was an apple first used to promote APL?

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    Wow! I'm a long time (ago) APL user and can't remember an apple ever being used as a logo! (And it would never ever have occurred to me to pronounce it "apple" instead of "A-P-L" - I wonder if I would have made the connection even if I saw it ...) Nice question! (And the funny thing is, there never was an APL keyboard with an apple symbol at the time even though they're ubiquitous now ...) Here's a secondary question: Suppose they had added an "apple" key to the APL keyboard (and type-ball): which function would it have been mapped to? (existing or newly invented)
    – davidbak
    Nov 22 at 20:50
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    “Maybe it can be shown to predate the lawsuit-happy Apple Computer Company?” The thing about prior art and precedent, which is what your question implies, is it means that that the logo would have had to have been officially and commonly used in the past. Your examples are interesting, but they seem to be fan-made/hobby user creations. I mean the BSD Daemon was established since 1976 as an official mascot. An Apple being used by APL seems to be a cute novelty. Nov 25 at 18:22
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    @Giacomo1968 Thank you for that remark. Yeah, it'll probably be wisest to stick with a non-apple logo.
    – Adám
    Nov 25 at 18:27
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    I think Apple would have a good case. The Apple logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Prior art etc doesn't matter where registered trademarks are concerned. What does matter is that, if you have a trademark, you have to defend it or it could be revoked. Furthermore, it most certainly could be confusing. People who don't know about APL might assume it has something to do with Apple. So yes, APL should keep away from it to avoid legal battles they might lose.
    – JeremyP
    Nov 26 at 8:56
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    Can I suggest another way to deal with this: APL can also be interpreted as “Ape-L.” Knowing that, someone can just come up with some witty logo based around the idea of “Ape-L”; an Ape associated with the letter “L.” Nov 27 at 0:52

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