Sometime in the 90s (sorry, can't be more specific) I used to dial in to a BBS and play a multi-player game that involved manually mining elements from a planet. It was very detailed, you got employed by a company and even got assigned quarters and had to spend the money you made from mining in order to buy food, clothing and other items. There was a whole mining complex you could navigate with shops and restaurants. I remember lots of players being online and it had a very active chat that you could participate in while mining. I think there was even a live marketplace with active commodity pricing for the minerals you mined.

It's been killing me for days. I tried searching old bbs lists and even pulled out an old hard drive I kept from the system I might have used at the time to see if I could extract the phone number from the dialer logs, but it failed during read. Any thoughts? I would love to find it running somewhere and play it again, but mostly I just need the name so I can find info about it for something I am writing.


  • Good game! But sadly, no. You were planet bound in the game, no ships. Ascii art graphics only, I think. Thanks, though! Nov 27 at 2:31
  • Maybe this list will spur your memory. Perhaps this one too.
    – IconDaemon
    Dec 2 at 20:13

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