There is a certain game I remember playing sometime in the 2000s. My memories of it are rather faint, but here is what I remember:

  • The setting was, I think, some kind of a medieval fantasy, but I am not particularly sure. (Missed the mark on this one.)
  • The game ran on Windows 95 (it might have been 98, but not likely).
  • The core gameplay was based on battling of some sort. I think the objective was to defend a castle.
  • Some graphics looked a bit like a trading card game. There were some kinds of power-up/effect items displayed as vertical rectangles with an icon, a label, and (I think) a description (though the descriptions may have been hidden by default). The labels were set in the Fixedsys font. Dice rolling may have been explicitly depicted.
  • The game came in two language versions: English and Czech (and I think no others). I remember playing both. One of the items/power-ups/cards was named Death (Smrt or Smrtka), illustrated with a skeleton.

Does this ring a bell?

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    I’m not much of a fan of those kinds of questions, but since they seem to be relatively well-received, I figured why not ask one myself? Feb 23 at 20:04
  • Sounds like (a variant of) Magic the Gathering? I was a great fan of Master of Magic which was derived from it, but the described gameplay does not seem the same.
    – chthon
    Feb 24 at 10:41

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I know what you mean. I think it was called Mravenci (Ants)

enter image description here
Image from http://echo_freeware10.sweb.cz/ants/ants_2.jpg


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