I'm wondering if anyone here has an original Integer BASIC cassette and might be willing to upload an image of it to the wiki commons? There's a serious lack of imagery in the article in en.wiki, and this seems like a reasonable way to spruce it up.

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    It might be worth specifying photographic image (of the tape etc) if that's what you mean. When I skim read your question, I assumed binary image, as did Raffzahn when he wrote his answer. Also, the title is "copy of the original", but I think you mean "the original", if that's what you want a photograph of. Mincing words, I know, but consider those for whom English is not their first language. Feb 25, 2022 at 2:36

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There's an excellent collection of Apple cassette images on the Brutal Deluxe web site, including these images of Apple 1 tapes. In most cases, photographs and file data are available.


Oops. Rereading the questions body makes me think that it's not asking about a copy of the BASIC, as the title implies, but for a photographic image of the cassette it was distributed on.

Integer BASIC had no source code - at least none as one might assume today. Wozniak did code it into a notebook and hand translated it to binary, which he entered using his 256 byte WOZMON.

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