I don't remember anything else from this game except it was in the late 1980's in my school and I was playing it on something with a scrollball, and you basically build robots and did science experiments or something. Anyone else remember something like this?

I think it was MS-DOS, or Macintosh. Very hard to say since I didn't know computers at the time. Would've been in grade 2 or 3 around 1986-ish probably.

I think you could customize your robots... It had other games, definitely Number Munchers. Maybe it didn't even have robots... I definitely remember mixing different liquids. I thought I was dumping them on my robots....

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    There was a vast amount of educational software written in the 1980's. Where did you go to school? – Mick Mar 6 '17 at 1:35
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    I've attempted an answer, but I'm afraid this question is too broad. Can you narrow down your question by potentially a more specific year or operating system? – JAL Mar 6 '17 at 1:56
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    Yes as JAL said, specific years, which country (since your profile doesn't say), school grade etc, what the computer looked like - Did it have an apple on the front? Were the disks 5.25 inch or 3.5 inch? All-in-one keyboard or separate? Etc. – Nick Westgate Mar 6 '17 at 2:38
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    Here's a collection of MECC titles you can search and play online. Only Path Tactics mentions robots, but it doesn't sound like what you're after. – Nick Westgate Mar 6 '17 at 5:29
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    So then if you had a scrollball you were likely on a Unisys Icon machine? – Maury Markowitz Sep 27 '17 at 18:11

Guessing the most popular Apple II title that fits: Robot Odyssey.

The title page is at Wikipedia, so here is the inside of a robot.

enter image description here

  • This was my first thought. This is really a set of programming challenges disguised as a game for children. – Robert Columbia Mar 6 '17 at 11:34

Two games come to mind, both by The Learning Company:

Midnight Rescue! which is a sidescroller with robots released in 1989 for DOS.

Midnight Rescue!

Gizmos & Gadgets! which is an education game with a focus on mechanics, basic electronics, and energy forms. While it matches your criteria, it was made in 1993 for DOS 3.3.

Gizmos & Gadgets!

  • Gizmos & Gadgets was my first thought too, though I don’t recall building the robots... – KRyan Nov 1 '17 at 2:57

I believe you are referring to ChipWits, by Epyx software. It was quite popular at the time.

enter image description here

  • Doesn't look familiar... :( – Jus10 Mar 6 '17 at 4:44
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    Hours of fun, with the graphic programming language, and mazes of mixed peril and reward. – Whit3rd Mar 11 '17 at 8:24
  • The original programmers tried to launch a modern version a few years ago but never quite finished. chipwits.com – Michael Stern Mar 12 '17 at 11:14

After MUCH searching, I found it. But I can't find ANY details about it.

It's called "Robot R&D" for the Unisys ICON, a computer made for schools in the 80's.

Anyone know where I can find this?!?!


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