I remember when I was really young, I had a friend who would play a game on his TV (so it was probably on a console) which was so incredibly frightening that I couldn't even watch, although I'm sure I would laugh now.

The game was played by flying a space ship. You could land on planets to refuel. I believe that during the landing sequence you could see out of the cockpit and you'd see the horizon slowly climb up as you flew down. The entire game may have been played from the point of view of the cockpit but I'm not certain.

Landing seemed to be a gamble - sometimes you would refuel, but sometimes an alien face would appear just outside of the cockpit. I suppose when this happened you would somehow be penalized but I don't remember for sure. If my friend was playing this game, I'd run into his kitchen whenever he'd land to avoid another possible encounter.

I believe I saw this game around 1985 so it must have been made before then. Am I remembering this accurately? What game could this be?

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I found this in the related section:

1980s Commodore 64 game about flying toward tower

It's the 2nd game mentioned there - Rescue on Fractalus


I watched the video and the alien still scared me!

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    According to head developer David Fox, this shock moment made Rescue on Fractalus! "the first computer game to really scare people". -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_on_Fractalus! (Also, including that mechanic was apparently suggested by George Lucas himself.)
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