This is an old edutainment game that I used to play at school. We used Mac OS 9 there. This game taught you all about various subjects (possibly focusing on math?), all taking place in a zoo or similar.

The one game I can remember the most was one involving a train and the "Number Line". You would solve questions based on adding/subtracting large numbers to move along the Number Line to get to your destination.

Anything helps at this point! I'd love to play this game again.

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The description sounds pretty much like:

"Mighty Math Zoo Zillions":

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions is a computer game by Edmark in the Mighty Math series. It teaches math and has animals and activities. […]

Activities […]

  • Number Line Express

And it was designed to run on:

enter image description here

Compatibility: Architecture: 68k, PPC; Mac OS 7–9, 256 colours, […]


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