I have a few questions about the RosAsm assembler (not in active development anymore) by René Tournois:

  1. Is/was there a command-line tool (i.e. without a GUI) included to generate executable programs from assembly source? I'm a bit confused, because there are many random, suspiciously named .exe files in the release, and none of them seem to be the command-line tool.

  2. Has the full source code of RosAsm been released?

  3. Is RosAsm self-hosting, i.e. is it able to compile itself? (Is it possible to run this compilation from the Windows command-line?)

Download locations:


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  1. As far as I’m aware, no.

  2. Yes, RosAsm is GPL-licensed free software, and its source code is included inside the executables. (Run strings RosAsm2049a.EXE to see it.)

  3. Yes, but not from the command-line as far as I know (see 1).

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