I'm trying to play the C64 and C128 versions of the Eye of the Beholder by using the VICE emulator on Windows 11, but the mouse movement is too inaccurate and it constantly flutters on a moving attempt to an extent that the game is completely unplayable. I'm trying to use the Mouse 1351 connected to the control port 2. In the game, I tried both the 1351 (Acc) and 1351 (No Acc) drivers. Does someone know how to fix this behavior?

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GTKVice works in general properly with Win11 (WinVICE does not), but please use a mouse with 1600 dpi max. Windows display optimizations should be disabled for VICE.

  • I found that the problem appears only when my external monitor is connected to the laptop. Unfortunately, turning off the Windows display optimizations does not change the behavior.
    – bobeff
    Jan 2 at 11:43

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