I have an HP computer that currently has Windows XP on the hard drive, and I was thinking whether I could install Windows 2000 on the computer. I assumed it might work because Windows 2000 uses the NT kernel and it has a bigger chance of running.

I used the Rufus software to create a bootable USB drive with the Windows 2000 ISO image. At first the setup program appears to start fine, but when I try to begin installation, it gives me this error message:

Setup cannot find the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)

This error appears right after the initial screen offering the choices to begin setup, repair, or quit.

Although I could burn the ISO onto a CD/DVD, I would rather not.

If it's possible to install Windows 2000 from a USB drive then please tell me how; if not, it's OK, I don't mind.

  • Windows 2000 almost certainly can't install from USB sticks. Setup surely lacks the drivers. It was a pain in the rear making sure you had the right disk drivers ('press F6 now').
    – dave
    Jan 14, 2023 at 19:01
  • 1
    At what point do you get the 'no EULA' error? Before or after the base OS files are copied to the fixed disk?
    – dave
    Jan 14, 2023 at 19:07
  • 2
    What does the installer say before giving you “the options to continue setup, repair, and quit”? Jan 14, 2023 at 19:27
  • 2
    Is your question specifically about installing Windows 2000 without using a CD or DVD? Or is it about why you're getting the error you're getting? (Both would probably help you install it, but it depends which thing you're most curious about. "Help me install this software" isn't really a Stack Exchangey question; that's more a tech support thing.)
    – wizzwizz4
    Jan 14, 2023 at 19:29
  • @wizzwizz4 I want to install it with a USB (hoping i don't need cd/dvd) and im getting that error so yeah, Both. Jan 14, 2023 at 19:40


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