The 84-Key IBM AT keyboard (the one with a visibly separated numbers block but without dedicated cursor keys, with ESC and a dedicated SysRq key in the numbers block) seems to be the rarest of the old IBM PC keyboard styles today, probably because it was replaced by the 102-key "MFII" keyboar rather quickly. I wonder - was it ever cloned? And did non-US national variants of this keyboard exist?


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It is rare indeed, and international versions are probably even rarer.

There are non-US variants, one example is the French version, see https://www.jeuxvideovintage.com/index.php?title=IBM_PC_AT_84_key_Model_F_AZERTY_keyboard_%28clavier_IBM_mod%C3%A8le_F_Azerty%29

I seem to remember that also German and Swiss versions existed, but I don't have a reference for this.

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