Apparently, it was sold to "Tymshare" in 1977, but what happened to it after that? Who has the software now? Could it ever be emulated?


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Yes, it was sold to Tymshare. The project continued under the name Augment, running on a modified TENEX, called August, on a KA10 computer. It was later ported to TOPS-20 on a KL10. Tymshare also made an "Augment Engine" based on a Foonly PDP-10 compatible computer. I believe it was last running on the KLH10 emulator. There was a project to revive this - https://www.softwarepreservation.org/projects/nlsproject/ and http://chm.cim3.net/wiki/NLS_Restoration.html - but it is rumored to have stalled due to unresolved IP rights.

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