As a kid I played a lot of Killer Gorilla on the BBC micro. This game was a clone of Donkey Kong.

Like Donkey Kong it had four levels, which the game rotated through and on each rotation they got harder. I've found a few videos on Youtube, but I haven't found any that show the BBC micro version past the first rotation.

Killer Gorilla - BBC Micro playthrough shows the first rotation on the BBC micro.

I recall getting through the first two rotations and on to the third level of the third rotation, but I recall that said level seemed impossibly difficult, everything was just moving way too fast.

Was I just unskilled or is said level basically a killscreen?

I did find some playthroughs of other versions that got further: Killer Gorilla on the Acorn Electron is an Acorn Electron playthrough that reached the third rotation but died on the second level. I also found a amstrad CPC playthrough that made it through four rotations but that version did not exhibit the extreme speedup I remember from the BBC micro.

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    Did you try to use an emulator capable of slowing down? Dec 6, 2023 at 8:02

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Killer Gorilla, like many Beeb games, is really hard. It's notorious for fast and random events that will lose you a life even if you're on best form.

This playthrough appears to get further than you suggested: Killer Gorilla Level 5 (Stardot Forums HSC, Season 16, Championship Round). It's from the High Score Challenge Season 16 - Rd Champ - Killer Gorilla - stardot.org.uk forum thread. The seasoned players there suggest that lives can be lost unfairly.

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    This seems to answer the question that yes the third rotation is possible. The moving platforms don't seem as fast as I remember but it's possible my memory is faulty after so many years. Dec 6, 2023 at 16:24
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    It can happen with personal memory. I thought that Chuckie Egg on the Amstrad CPC was "impossible" at the time, but there are playthroughs of it going much further
    – scruss
    Dec 6, 2023 at 16:57

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