There was a game that I played back in the 90's about a detective who was trying to solve a murder in a hotel. The scene kept changing from a normal hotel to a dilapidated horror one (not unlike the upside down from Stranger Things). It was an old point and click games, with buttons on the bottom (walk, look, use, etc). I remember that the bad things that happened in this game is connected to an old evil gaelic god or something... because its sacred tree was cut or something.

Can someone help me with the title?

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    I don't want to be rude to a newcomer, but I'm afraid to say that vague memories about having played a game seem to have little to do with actual retrocomputing.
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    Can you add some details? What kind of computer was the game on: Windows? Amiga? Nintendo 64? Something else? Commented Dec 8, 2023 at 12:49
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    @another-dave: But that's exactly what the identify-this-game tag is for, isn't it? The question needs more informations, but the 90s count as "retro".
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The game you're describing sounds like Dark Seed.



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    @Community Having looked at the wikipedia link, I think there's enough to help the questioner here.
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This is probably pushing the boundaries of "retro," as the one I'm thinking of is from 2006, but it's in a retro style reminiscent of Sierra text-parser games. (It's built in Adventure Game Studio.) But since the question is still open, I'll answer this.

"Trilby's Notes" (2006) by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw fits this description. The main character is a gentleman cat-burglar-turned-detective. His case takes him to this hotel, and there are different tasks to perform in both the "proper" and the "horror" version of the hotel.

Unlike your recollection, it's built in the style of Sierra parser-based adventures, with a command line.

A Let's Play of the game is here: TRILBY'S NOTES Adventure Game Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary Playthrough and the game itself is available from Trilby's notes.

Trilby is trying to trace an idol that kills people. It had been carved from a sacred tree; it contains the soul of a pain elemental.

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    The "sacred tree" part sounds promising, seeing as the OP mentioned that, and it wasn't addressed in the "Dark Seed" answer. Commented Feb 12 at 18:07
  • That's it! Thank you so much.
    – DS L
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