I recall seeing a mascot for some sort of computer platform or program. I've seen images many times, but am now struggling to find it. Here are the details I can remember:

  • I think it was a 1990s thing, but may have been late 80s or early 2000s
  • The character was vaguely human shaped, but looked like a frog or alien. It had smooth blue or green skin, a potbelly, large eyes, and I believe was sometimes depicted with aviator goggles.
  • It was rendered, or drawn, in 3D
  • The image was reused in different poses, etc

My first thought was that it was related to some piece of Amiga software, but I can't find anything like that on the internet.

Edit: To be clear, I was not thinking of a game character, and in fact, comments and the accepted answer show that the image had nothing to do with software at all, and my memory just sucks.

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    Just to clarify: This character was also the player's sprite, the hero of the game? Or was it the player's nemesis? Or something else altogether (i.e. an NPC)? Please edit your post to clarify this point. By the way, are you sure it isn't crazy frog? He had glasses but was for ring tones. Jan 18 at 19:36

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I'm going to have to guess Crazy Frog, for the following reasons:

  • 2003/2004 (which is sort of early 2000s)
  • Grey/blue/green in colour (teal?)
  • Pot belly
  • Large eyes
  • (Motorcycle) goggles
  • 3D rendered (although some versions could be just 2D animation)
  • Many poses


  • 2003/2004 (nowhere near the late 1980s)
  • Ringtone mascot and not a game software mascot (may also be considered a popstar?)

Crazy frog

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    Who else :))) Rängdängdäng ....
    – Raffzahn
    Jan 18 at 20:12
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    It's 100% this. I'm not sure why I had a software association. I think that this was maybe used as a demo image in a screenshot of some older software somewhere? (ie a screenshot made after the obsolescence of the system).
    – rightbrace
    Jan 18 at 23:51
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    @rightbrace Well, ringtones - and that's where the character was used over and over - are some kind of software :)
    – Raffzahn
    Jan 19 at 0:12
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    We should appreciate the wise choice of name for that character by Erik Wernquist, the original creator of the design: Crazy Frog was already called "The Annyoing Thing" before this character appeared in TV adverts by Jamba. Jan 19 at 19:31

Could it be the logo from Sirius Software, Inc., the California-based publisher of games for 8-bit home computers of the 1980s? The logo depicts a chubby, green, humanoid alien. I'm not sure whether or not the alien was ever depicted in different poses, though.

The Sirius Software, Inc. logo, showing a chubby, green, humanoid alien with a trademark symbol and the text "Sirius" underneath.


When you mention the Amiga, the first artist that comes to mind was Eric Schwartz, who created a character called Flip the Frog (among others).

enter image description here

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