Sometime in the mid 90s I stopped by a library that used to sell off their old stock and bought a copy of an IBM PC software compendium that I am now struggling to remember the name of or find anywhere. This book was basically a listing of PC titles available at the time (including screenshots) and covered games, productivity software, etc.

The distinguishing features of this book were that it was a paperback with a black cover, approximately 8x11 inches in size, a fairly high page count with tiny text, and had a mono green-screen picture of the snake from "Adventure in Serenia" game by "On-Line Systems" (aka Sierra) on the back cover so I'm guessing that the book must have been pretty old by the time I bought it.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here is the snake but it would have been rendered as a mono/green-screen image on the back cover:

Screenshot of Adventure in Serenia courtesy of MobyGames

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    Not this (as there is no snake) but like it? Whole Earth Software Catalogue -1985. Contains a lot of software. Was it a catalogue that you could order from? Was it like an annual compendium of software, or a one-off issue? How thick? A pamphlet thickness, a magazine thickness, or like a Maplin's catalogue thickness (5 cm). Which region of the world (US, UK, AUS, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.)? FWIW, I'm having trouble visualising 8 x11 inches, maybe adding the dimensions in cms as well might be a good idea? Apr 9 at 20:18
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    It was a software compendium, possibly similar to this book (for which I can't find a front or back cover). From memory, the book was least 300-400 pages long (i.e. fairly thick) and from a US publisher as the computing books available here in the UK are usually always from the US. The book would have had a list of addresses and phone numbers for the software publishers if you wanted to order something. Apr 10 at 11:00


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