Currently about all of "8-bit micro" games that I know is either abandonware (which is a gray area) or free fan works. But is there some kind of shop, market, some place where you can purchase these games, or other software fully legally for money? Some kind of retro-shop, or such?

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There are quite a few... On the homebrew front for example, the AtariAge store sells packaged homebrew games for 8-bit Ataris (and now Intellivision), as does pro(c) (along with its magazine). You can also find stores which still have "old new" stock of games, computers and accessories; for example Best Electronics for Atari computers and consoles. There are no doubt others for other platforms!


For the ZX Spectrum and MSX there is Matranet, which sells physical versions (e.g. tapes and cartridges) of recent releases. http://www.matranet.net/boutique/boutique.php


C64 wise, you have RGCD who sell new cartridge releases, along with Psytronik Software and Protovision who both have releases on disk, whilst Psytronik also offer tape copies as well.

For the BBC Micro/Electron, there's Retro Software, who offer some as well.


For the Apple II, there aren't any one-stop shop type places for software, but if you go to the big sites like A2Central.com, you'll find links to companies still selling their software, and to shareware vendors still kicking (like myself).


Relevo is a Spanish company that develops videogames for both modern game consoles and 8 bit computers (especially MSX). Although they offer the games as free downloads, there is also the option to purchase them as physical cartridges from Matranet.

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