Played it around the end of the 80's but most probably developed between 1981 and 1986. You had control over a person/avatar (not stick figure like, more plump looking) and could walk from scene to scene; these locations (museum, plaza maybe) or rooms contained scattered items like masks, horns, pots, etc. and some wandering people (including a policeman in some places). It had a memorable tune but nothing I can compare it to. Possible use of Egyptian and/or British themes. A decades old mystery of mine, been searching from time to time and I'm starting to believe it was a figment of my young imagination.


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Hmm, I was going to say potentially one of these ...

but then you said "top-down view" so that rules out "sidescrollers"

Next task is to go through Wikipedia's list of Apple 2 Games ...

I'm wondering if it was an action RPG along the lines of:

Any chance you remember any more details, such as the what size was the avatar? Or specific colors?

  • Checked the four suggestions but no luck. The wiki list was used to determine the year range of the game considering the other games I played during the same time, Lady Tut was one of them. The size was relatively small considering that each scene used a fixed layout, not scrolling as in Gemstone Warrior, and also contained the "NPCs" plus 5 to 10 artifacts. Cannot recall specific coloring other than white outlines for the avatars over completely black floors.
    – JJGXX
    Commented Sep 25, 2017 at 2:35

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