Apple supplied some, were there others that other people wrote? What is the complete list of FSTs available?

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The official ones, with GS/OS versions as indicated by the Apple II History site:

Filename        Purpose                                 In GS/OS Version
APPLESHARE.FST  For AppleTalk networks                  5.0
CHAR.FST        Keyboard, screen, printers, and modems  4.0
DOS3.3.FST      Apple II DOS 3.3 Disks (Read only)      6.0
HFS.FST         Mac OS HFS Disks (Read/Write)           6.0
HS.FST          High Sierra CD-ROMs                     4.0
MSDOS.FST       MS-DOS Disks (Read only)                6.0.1
PASCAL.FST      Apple II Pascal Disks (Read only)       6.0
PRO.FST         Apple II ProDOS Disks (Read/Write)      4.0

Apple didn't release documentation on writing FSTs, perhaps because they often involved changes to GS/OS internals. This is discussed at the Apple II History link above.

However, the following unofficial ones were developed by Brutal Deluxe:

DOS3.2.FST      Apple II DOS 3.2 Disks
DOS3.3.FST      Apple II DOS 3.3 Disks (Improved)
RDOS3.3.FST     Apple II RDOS Disks (SSI games)
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    Semi-related: the HFS FST in System 6.0.1 had a somewhat serious bug: macgui.com/downloads/?file_id=11654
    – fadden
    May 18, 2016 at 16:07
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    Thanks. A few bugs including that one were fixed in 6.0.2. May 24, 2016 at 10:12
  • With the GUPP patch HFS is stable under GSOS, and offers some significant advantages for hard disk partitions. HFS supports up to 2 GB partitions where ProDOS partitions are limited to 32 MB and HFS directory IO is generally faster than ProDOS for larger disks. Mar 9, 2017 at 19:38

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