I've been looking for a certain game, I think it's from the 2000's.

I can only remember a few characteristics:

  • It was an RPG game.
  • There was a cave, with what I think was a sleeping dragon and there was lava blocking the way to it.
  • In the city, it had a tavern with a knife minigame, the target had 3 weels and the objective was to line up the same block color in a column.
  • There was a port, with a ladder, that let you dive in the ocean.
  • In the game map, in the oceanic part, had warnings that in certain parts lived sea monsters.
  • In some part of the city, uphill, was a gate or portal that at a certain point lead you to talk to Merlin.
  • You could cast spells everywhere but sometimes the citizens got enraged and would hunt you.
  • the game was not 2d graphics.
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I cant believe I found it, I'm so happy right now, years and years trying...

The name of the game is Quest for Glory V.

Here is some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtx_fpdi06w

And down here the image that finally helped me to find the game:

Quest for Glory V
(source: akamaized.net)

  • Great news! How did you find it? – jamesfmackenzie Dec 29 '17 at 17:33

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