I have copied one program from a floppy to a hdd drawer (I created for it) and I want to start this program directly, without going through Window -> Show -> All Files first in my Amiga Workbench (without doing that I am not able to see the program in the drawer).

How to achieve my goal, means having an icon in WB which I can click to start the program? I can copy an existing one and rename it. However do you know a better/faster way/tool?

I use Amiga 500 with WB 40.42 (3.1).


Various authors have created utility programs for AmigaOS that will automatically create .info files and associate them with your Amiga programs, thus making the program or data file launch-able via a Workbench icon. As you noted, without the .info file, the program or data file is not visible as a custom Workbench icon.

If you search on aminet, you can find these utilities. One which I quickly located is called IconAdder. According to its README file:

This program is like other 'icon adder' programs you may, or may not, have seen before. It uses the WhatIs.Library to find the file type, and then adds an icon according to it's type.

NOTE: The way a .info file is associated with a program or data file is by giving it the same base name; like MyProg and MyProg.info. The contents of the .info file can link a data file to the executable to launch in order to use/view the data file.

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    I downloaded and used the IconAdder as proposed by @Brian-H and it is ok however I was looking for a simpler solution (from user perspective). I would expect an extension to WB which allows to use e.g. right mouse button to create an .info file... That would be great. – Adam Bogdan Boczek Dec 29 '17 at 9:52

Look for DefIcon on Aminet. It places an entry in the tools menu. You select the "fake icon" in Workbench and choose "Tools->default icon". It will then create an .info file.

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    Thanks for the answer! However, answers that say "look for the answer here" aren't as useful as they could be. A link to the program would improve it, and a picture of the program's interface would make it even more useful. – wizzwizz4 Apr 20 '18 at 15:48

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