My father had an old Apple II and I'm trying to find some info on it. Any help would be appreciated The model # is A2M001 and the disk drives are also A2M003-62498. I have seen other models but None with M in them.

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    If you could add some photos of the computer's case, motherboard, and the labels you are referring to, then there are many people here who can help provide a definitive answer.
    – Brian H
    Feb 11, 2018 at 16:46

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A2M001 is for one printed on the PS and therefore only a rough identification. It may be a II as well as an early II+. Similar A2M003 is the type number for next to all Disk II drives.

For a real indentification things like the Keyboard (power cap), Board revision and Board serial number might be helpful.

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