I have one of these lying around somewhere...

Sharp Wizard

There was a really cool game on it called Dungeon which I'd love to get the code for. Is that possible? What would be the steps to try? I do have the serial cable it came with... but no computers with that port.

I figure something that old must not be too hard to decompile... if it were simple to get the data off.


The connection problem is rather easy: Get yourself a USB/Serial cable/converter. It might be a bit more work to convert the game itself. Here's the github page of some guy who did some games for that system back then. Maybe you could find some pointers there.

  • Excellent lead which I hadn't found! I asked in an issue there, but he didn't remember anything or have any software or manuals, unfortunately. – Menasheh Feb 12 '18 at 16:55

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