I have a 286 mainboard here, which is I think very similar to this one here at stason.org. Below is an overview image, and a link to a album with details.

However there are still some discrepancies, so I wonder if someone has an actual manual for this device. I can't find any useful make or model, apart from that it was used by Peacock Computers, but they were just a PC manufacturer in the day, and the T90 label on the upper ISA slot. There are no FCC IDs or anything else identifying the supplier.

80286 Suntac mainboard

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Nice piece! Those days such boards were designed for specific chassis, with additional keys and LEDs like Turbo. Here're some manuals:

HT-286 - the one similar you found, but it is not yours.

This Super-286 seems the one you need though.

  • It is the exact board! Very nice detail: One can use 421000 DRAM ICs to add up to 4 MiB of RAM. I did not think this was possible on boards with DIP sockets.
    – Arne
    Commented Apr 12, 2018 at 11:51

To add to the other answer, stason.org also has this board as unidentified:


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