I have a 286 mainboard here, which is I think very similar to this one here at stason.org. Below is an overview image, and a link to a album with details.

However there are still some discrepancies, so I wonder if someone has an actual manual for this device. I can't find any useful make or model, apart from that it was used by Peacock Computers, but they were just a PC manufacturer in the day, and the T90 label on the upper ISA slot. There are no FCC IDs or anything else identifying the supplier.

80286 Suntac mainboard


Nice piece! Those days such boards were designed for specific chassis, with additional keys and LEDs like Turbo. Here're some manuals:

HT-286 - the one similar you found, but it is not yours.

This Super-286 seems the one you need though.

  • It is the exact board! Very nice detail: One can use 421000 DRAM ICs to add up to 4 MiB of RAM. I did not think this was possible on boards with DIP sockets. – Arne Apr 12 '18 at 11:51

To add to the other answer, stason.org also has this board as unidentified:


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