I currently have some QIC-150 tape cartridges. These are the Imation DC6250 250 MB tapes. I understand that this came out in the late 1990's. I'd like to read these using a tape drive but want to find the last and newest model that could still read them. For example, I read somewhere that the SLR1 line was equivalent to the QIC-150?

I am wondering if anyone would know if there are any resources detailing conversion and backwards compatibility with these tapes.

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To start with, SLR1 is what Tandberg called QIC-150. They may as well have been one of the last manufacturers of QIC-150 compatible drives. Next, QIC-150 was defined (and first offered) in 1984. THe last standard document is dated June 1991.

Further, there is no real sense in looking for a 'latest' drive, as that may be an IBM device with a mainframe interface. I think I'm safe to assume that you're rather would like to look for any drive adhering to the standard with an interface supported by whatever computer can handle.

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